ARK XO750 Jockey Wheel - NEW XO Upgrade to Foot Stand

Author: Kelly K  Date Posted:27 March 2023 

Simple Conversion from Jockey Wheel to Jockey Stand

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Ark's Off road Jockey Wheel the XO750 has been one of our most durable, versatile, and reliable jockey wheels on the market since its release. It has stood the test of time in our rough Aussie environment and has excelled in it's performance.
Thats why our team is excited to be announcing that ARK have upped their game and released a new easy-to-use, interchangable foot stand to turn this unparalleled Off-Road beast, in to a convienant stand for long-term storage.

The XO Foot Stand comes complete with its own securing pin, and has an array of new features including:
A simple Slide-In design
Height increase of 80mm 
200mm x 100mm Foot - suits standard high-lift jack base plates
Zinc finish - This bad boy has endured 600Hr of salt spray and survived
Ideal for protecting your tyres from compressing during long-term storage

Installing this stand is a simple 2 step process:
STEP 1 - Insert the XO foot into the base of the inner shaft
STEP 2 - Align the lock pin holes and insert the pin

Suits all XO 750 Jockey Wheels with a lock pin hole located on the inner shaft above the yoke (2) (See picture)

Available Now!
Ark XO Foot Stand Instructional Diagram