This premium, hi-temp, red grease is specifically formulated to handle the demands of both disc and drum bearing applications. It contains corrosion inhibitors and anti-wear and water-resistant additives, offering superior protection in challenging environments.

The National Lubrication Grease Institute (NLGI) certifies this grease to meet the top-rated performance levels in both the chassis grease category (NLGI LB) and the wheel bearing grease category (NLGI GC).

Design Attributes

# Features an NLGI No. 2 lithium- complex thickener that resists softening and provides the mechanical stability required for demanding applications.

# Has a 55 Timken OK Load, which means superior load-carrying capability.

# Contains corrosion inhibitors and anti-wear and water-resistant additives for extra protection.

Compatibility of Grease

Timken Automotive Wheel Bearing Grease is generally compatible with calcium, calcium 12-OH stearate, calcium sulfonate, lithium and lithium- complex thickened greases. TIMKEN recommends that all grease be removed from the application prior to changing greases. Then, the lubrication interval is reduced by half for the first lubrication cycle before resuming the normal lubrication interval.

Product Application

Timken Automotive Wheel Bearing Grease can be applied from ambient temperatures of -18° F to +300° F (-28° C to +149° C) depending on lubrication system design and method of application. Timken Automotive Wheel Bearing Grease has an operating temperature range of -40° F to +300° F (-40° C to +149° C) once in the application.

CAUTION: Follow equipment manufacturer’s recommendations concerning lubrication frequencies. Failure to follow correct lubrication practices can result in premature equipment failure.

Features and Benefits:

# For disc and drum applications

# NLGI GC-LB certified

# NLGI No. 2 lithium complex

# Anti-wear additives

# Corrosion inhibitors

# Water-resistant additives

# Wide operating temperature range -40° F to +300° F (-40° C to +149° C)

# 55 lbs. rating offers superior load-carrying capability

Brand Timken
Shipping Weight 0.5000kg
Unit Of Measure ea

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